Youtube Vid

2017-02-03 08:34:21 by johnny2pop

I recently wrote a script for a youtube vid for another user here on NG. Check it out here


and check out his page here:

Mr Reckless.

2015-08-03 00:24:50 by johnny2pop

Though it would be a good idea to mention that an animation that i did voice acting for came out, and to promote it a little.

Jojo Collab

2015-07-02 00:46:24 by johnny2pop

I was recently part of a JoJo's bizzare adventure collab with a bunch of other guys, (and girls) on NG, and thought it be a good idea to direct people to it. Thanks to MAKOMEGA  for setting this up and all the other artists who contributed.

Collab Link: